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How to use Shortcodes in ReviewXpo?

You can now manually integrate ReviewXpo widgets on your Shopify store using ReviewXpo shortcodes. In the “ReviewXpo product reviews app”, you will have access to Five widgets that you can integrate into your online store using ReviewXpo shortcodes. Let's learn how they work;

Rating Widget: This widget displays the star rating of your product. To learn how you can use ReviewXpo shortcodes to add the rating widget to your product page, check How to display product ratings using ReviewXpo shortcodes?‍

Review Widget: The review widget consists of your product reviews and the review submission form. To add the review widget to your product page using ReviewXpo shortcodes, check How to display product reviews using ReviewXpo shortcodes?‍

Carousel Widget: This widget is a slideshow of customer reviews. A review carousel will make your store more interactive and increase customer trust. To add this widget using ReviewXpo shortcodes, check How to display the review carousel using ReviewXpo shortcodes?‍

Testimonial Widget: This widget showcases the happy experiences of the customers with your store. To learn how to integrate the testimonial widget and showcase your customer experience, check How to display review testimonials using ReviewXpo shortcodes?‍

Gallery Widget: Using the Gallery widget, you can create a slideshow with your review attachments. You can use ReviewXpo shortcodes to integrate the widget and showcase your review attachments on your store. To learn more, check How to display the review gallery using ReviewXpo shortcodes?

Have a good time exploring ReviewXpo! For further queries please contact us, we'll always be there to help you.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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